September 2018 phpmyadmin expose scan finished.

The scan of  s2-045 phpmyadmin expose for September 2018 is now finished!

This time we increased our site list to 800 million. We picked the first 600 million site for phpmyadmin expose scan and found 93560 of them expose phpmyadmin directory.

Scan 600 million site spend about 4 days in a aws c4.2xlarge(8H 16G) vps (scaner) and a aws c4.large(2H 4G) as dns server.

And a good news for you. we build a reverse-proxy dns server with golang and dns would not be a problem anymore.

And we received an abuse intrusion attempt report . There are still many things to do such as blacklist support for our scan engine and a contact method in user-agent. 

Anther good news is we will open all of our code(not data), including a very fast plugin based scan engine(PunkScanner) and a high performance DNS Server(PunkDNS). plz subscribe our rss to get our lasted work. see this post.

you can get 1000 simple here.

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